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Gomen Nahari line 1 day rail pass

This is the 1 day rail pass on Gomen Nahari line. For example, If you take the train between Gomen and nahari for round trip , the normal ticket fare is 2,160JPY, but this rail pass is only 1,670JPY. And also you can get some small gifts from 35 shops,  cafes and restaurants along the line by your presentation of the rail pass.

●● Section and fare

●● Information

  • There is no limit on the date of use.

  • The refund is permitted for no use ticket (all coupons) within validation, refund fee is required.

●● Ticket offices

Noichi, Aki, Nahari, Nakamura station and in the train with the conductor on Gomen Nahari line

​Kochi tourist information「Tosa Terrace」、Royal hotel Tosa、Kochi Ryoma airport information counter

●● Rail pass leaflet

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