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中村駅 Nakamura station

中村駅 Nakamura station











Nakamura station TK40

Ticket office open 5:30〜19:00 open daily

Nakamura station is located downstream of the Shimanto river in Shimanto city, Kochi pref. You can access to Shimanto river, Ashizuri cape and other scenic area from this station.  There are some shops in the station, you can buy local products and souvenirs.

In March 2010, Nakamura station was renovated to the friendly station for customers made from Shimanto cypress. Aiming at a more impressive station, all customers go through freely within the ticket gate. As a design to redefine the way a new local station, we have recieved high evaluation from many directions.

ワットフォードグループ ブルネル賞2014 優秀賞(オランダ)
The Watford Group Brunel Award 2014 (Netherlands)
グレート・インドアーズ・アワード2012 最終5選(オランダ)
The Great Indoors Award 2012 Serve&Facilitate Final 5 (Netherlands)
日本産業デザイン振興会 グッドデザイン特別賞2010 中小企業庁長官賞

公益社団法人 土木学会 デザイン賞 2012 最優秀賞
国土交通省 第9回日本鉄道賞特別表彰 地方鉄道駅舎リノベーション賞
高知県建築設計監理協会 高知県建築文化賞 審査員特別賞
NPOキッズデザイン協議会 第5回キッズデザイン賞
日本商環境設計家協会 JCDアワード2010 新人賞
木材活用コンクール 最優秀賞 林野庁長官賞
日本サインデザイン協会 SDA賞2010 入選
社団法人鉄道建築協会 鉄道建築協会賞
公共の色彩賞 10選 入選

照明学会 照明普及賞

Ticket office available

You can buy a ticket for limited express and Shinkansen include JR line by cash or credit card(VISA,Master,JCB). 

Wheelchair accessible

There is an elevator and universal designed lavatory in the station.

If the passenger need assistance to get on the train, the station staff will help. Please contact to Nakamura station(0880-35-4961) one day before boarding.  


There are some paid lockers in front of the ticket gate, and also we can keep your baggage for a fee at the station office.

However, the station is closed from after arrival of the last train to before departure of the first train. Thank you for your understanding.

Transfer to bus for Kashiwa island and Uwajima

All buses for Tosa Shimizu(Ashizuri cape), Shimanto city center and JR Ekawasaki station depart from the station.

Rent-a-car and Taxi available

There are a branch offices of rent a car and a taxi stand in front of the station.

Rent a cycle, bicycle bag rental and air pump service available

The tourist information in the station provide the paying bicycle rental service. The rental bicycle can be returned in other places, about detail please ask to the tourist information.

Car parking

There is a free car parking behind the station.

Shops and souvenir

There are a souvenir shop in the station.

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