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Shimanto Uwakai rail pass

This is the discount ticket in the south-west Shikoku district. For example, the price of free area (within Uwajima, Kubokawa, Sukumo and Nakamura) pass is 3,760JPY also can use the limited express non reserved seat and Uwajima bus.

There are conditions for use, please ask to ticket office.

●● Section and fare 

●● About free area

As shown on the route map, you can take all JR Shikoku and Tosa Kuroshio train(incl limited exp) and Uwajima bus freely in the south-west Shikoku district within the valid period.

●● Information

  • You can use all trains of Nakamura Sukumo line, JR Yodo line and Uwajima bus between Uwajima and Sukumo. 

  • There is no limit on the date of use.

  • The refund is permitted for no use ticket within validation, refund fee is required.

●● Ticket offices

Nakamura, Sukumo, Kubokawa, Gomen, Aki station and other stations of JR Shikoku

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