​Bus from station

There are some scheduled bus and excursion bus routes from our mainly stations. If you need a more information, check those bus services website.

●● Nakamura-Sukumo line

​◎from Nakamura station

from Sukumo station

●●Gomen-Nahari line

◎from Noichi or Yasu station

​◎from Aki station

​◎from Tano or Nahari station

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  • 四万十くろしおライン(中村・宿毛線)〒787-0014 高知県四万十市駅前町7-1 tel.0880-35-4961(中村駅)

  • ごめん・なはり線 〒784-0010 高知県安芸市東浜300-4   tel.0887-34-8800(安芸駅)

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